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Students with disabilities or impairments

The Library works alongside AUT’s Student Hub to ensure students with disabilities or impairments have access to all our resources.

We can help you

  • Become familiar with the Library
  • Search the website and catalogue
  • Get items from the shelves
  • Photocopy material and enlarge it if required
  • Get information in different formats
  • By posting or emailing photocopied material to you
  • By sending books to you (including a free return courier bag)

Facilities and equipment

All AUT Libraries have wheelchair access and internal lifts or ramps. See Library locations for detail.

The Library’s Adaptive Technology Room at the City campus has computers with specialised software to help with your studies.

Equipment available for class use: FM transmitter and receiver systems, digital recorders, SmartPens, magnifiers and electronic dictionaries.


Matthew Banks, the Library Disability Liaison Officer, can help familiarise you with the library.

Email: mabanks@aut.ac.nz
Phone: (09) 921 9999 ext.7291