What is Library Search?

Library search is the main search tool on the Library website. It's a very versatile place to start and in some cases complete your search task.

This page will help you understand what Library search is great for and when you might want to choose something else.

What is Library search great for?

Library search is a great place to start:

  • for undergraduate assignments
  • when you're looking for a particular book or article
  • for researchers and postgraduates starting to investigate a new topic or a new field
  • for broad coverage of most of the Library resources, print and digital
  • and it links seamlessly to nearly all the full text the Library pays for

What is Library search not so great for?

Library search isn't a specialised tool:

  • you might begin a literature search here but you would want to use a number of other other resources as well
  • it doesn't include citation analysis
  • the ability to refine a search accurately is limited due to the contents being pulled from many different databases and publishers
  • for highly structured advanced searching you would choose a different resource (though you can do useful advanced searches on Library search)

What is "Advanced search via EBSCO"?

"Advanced search via Ebsco" searches similar content to "Library search", but offers a number of advanced options:

  • default search with multiple input boxes, boolean operators and field selectors
  • extra pre-search limiters including language
  • additional post-search refine options including geographic subject, language, publisher, publication title and title of reviewed item

To find specialised resources to search, look at Databases by Subject.

Other general search services

Google Scholar via AUT