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Library Search releases

Library Search uses Vufind software. Regular releases are scheduled monthly.

July 2021

  • Upgrade EDS API connection with secured SSL method. End users should be unaffected by this change.

May 2021

  • Improve error message for login issues.
  • Improve author link functionality in 'Articles & more' item records.
  • Add in-context prompts to Bonus+ and ArticleReach services.
  • Remove Wikipedia entries from author search results.

April 2021

  • Add ability to cancel holds and requests.
  • Improve messaging for missing items and items being searched for.

March 2021

  • Add "View abstract" field to results list in "Articles & more". Reinstate abstract to item record page.
  • Fix email record functionality in "Articles & more" (emails were blank).
  • Add ability to post warning messages to one or more search types (initally for Covid notices).

February 2021

  • Significant improvements to EndNote and RIS export format for "Books & media".
  • Improve EndNote and RIS export format for "Articles & more".
  • Change default operator for "Database" search from AND to OR.
  • Improve error message when Sierra API is down.
  • Bug fix for suppressed records remaining in Solr index.
  • Remove requirement to log in when on-campus (uses AUT IP range).

January 2021

  • Fix Google Scholar phrase search.

December 2020

  • Improve Bonus+ and Articlereach functionality.
  • Automatic log in  when searching Articles & more.
  • Improve "Articles & more" export formats.
  • Reformat bib id in "Books & media" to accommodate Talis Course Readings requirements (added b to front of all bib ids).

November 2020

  • Switch Library Search from EDS to Vufind.

October 2020

  • Disable Cite this function (citations very innacurate).
  • Enable create list function and improve how it works when items from "Books & media" and "Articles & more" saved in the same list.
  • Update Te Reo translations.
  • Cache EDS API getInfo response for improved performance.
  • Switch from "test" to "production" EDS API account after successful testing completed.

August 2020

  • Enable request button and Bonus+ button.
  • Prevent robots crawling site (add robots meta tag to head).

July 2020

  • Implement full Te Reo tranlsation.
  • Initial go-live of production server.