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I am a lecturer

Reliable support for your teaching

As academic staff you want the best for your students. The Library can assist you in planning coursework and ensuring your students can access and effectively use information resources.

Library electronic resources

Your AUT login gives you access to all Library electronic resources.


50 item limit ( 12 renewals per item)

  • Books: 28 days
  • DVDs: 14 days
  • Journals: 3 days
  • High Demand books: 2 hours or some items 3 days

Note: If an item is recalled an email will be sent to you with its shortened borrowing time.

Interlibrary loan

Request materials from libraries world wide through interlibrary loan.

Your research

Check out the range of research support services for academic staff.

Purchase requests

If the Library does not hold what you need for your courses make a purchase request by submitting a materials request form or contacting your liaison librarian.

Short Loan

The way short loans are managed at AUT is changing – for the better! Please go to the Course Resources page for full details of how to make books, DVDs and electronic items available to your students.

New programmes

Part of the proposal documentation for new programmes of study is a Library Impact Assessment. Please talk to your Liaison Librarian. Allow at least 10 working days for this process.

Workshops for your students

We offer hands-on workshops tailored for your paper and delivered in our teaching labs or in classrooms.  Workshops can help your students build their resource searching skills and introduce a range of self-help tools and guides. Please submit the workshop request form or talk to your Liaison Librarian.

I am a lecturer