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Onehunga foreshore rubbish: ‘It’s just everywhere’

Hidden among the lush greens of the Onehunga foreshore are great amounts of rubbish.

Some Onehunga locals say Auckland Council is ignoring the issue of waste around the environment.

The  area, including the beach, a newly built bridge and walkways, has piled-up layers of rubbish – raising concerns within the community about how it affects the beauty of the recreational area.

Onehunga resident, Shanna Reeder, said she visited the foreshore all the time and was disgusted by what she saw.

“I could easily pick up 20 items in five minutes and there’d still be heaps of rubbish around. It’s just everywhere, in the sea, but it’s also up in the banks at the end of the boardwalk,” she said.

Along with discarded food, broken bottles and fishing lines, Miss Reeder said she also saw building materials, believed to be from the Onehunga boardwalk construction, stage one of which was completed in February.

“There’s bits of wood, tools, tape measures and  heaps of nails and screws,” she said.

“If you’re trying to beautify something, why would you chuck your nails and screws on the ground? It’s dangerous for kids.”

Some locals have tried to get the council’s attention but received no response.

“I think there should be a regular service of the council going down checking and picking up rubbish – but it’s also our responsibility,” said Miss Reeder.

Local Suzanne Werner said they needed to address the issue of construction waste.

“I am not necessarily blaming the workers, but there is rubbish dumped all along the roadway on the site.

“I feel I do my bit by complaining to the council but they don’t do anything about it – so to be honest, I have given up reporting to the council.”

Another local, Michelle Harper, told Te Waha Nui via Neighbourly the community had a role to play.

“Rubbish is disappointing to see anywhere – it's our backyard and while others may see it as a council issue, I'd rather see it clean and do it myself than leave it to get washed into our beautiful harbour.”

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward Councillor, Denise Lee, said in an email to Te Waha Nui that she had not received emails from locals regarding their allegations of a lack of response from Auckland Council over the issue.

“I’d invite anyone who has contacted the council and received a job service number to contact me and I will chase up the response immediately.”


Onehunga foreshore rubbish: ‘It’s just everywhere’